Hi, my Name is Fabio Grassi and I believe that every challenge we face is an opportunity to accomplish something that matters.


I’m a passionate photographer and I like to work with ideas and visions, more importantly I love to inspire others to make this world a better place.

My career has crossed many industries, from being an officer in the army to work as a chef in hotels, from guiding tourists around Ireland to guiding leaders in finding the courage to make tough decision.

I believe in the power of sharing ideas and experiences to develop a future that is worth living for, below you will find few links to my work.


Powerful visions inspire our actions and motivate us to give our best. For over 25 years I’ve been looking to find the inner beauty of everything around me and capture it in my pictures. I developed Geode to share my visions and I hope they will inspire you.


I believe in the power of bringing people together to achieve bold visions that make a difference. For the past fifteen years I’ve facilitated groups to find a way to collaborate effectively and engage with meaningful change.


I love to inspire people to develop their strengths and talent and enable them to inspire others to follow their example. Working at IMI has given me the opportunity to do just that in a wide number of organisations.